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Cuddle Zoo® Plush Steam Locomotives
Perfect for every little conductor, these locomotives feature friendly faces and are made from brightly colored extra soft plush fabric. Kids will love the realistic embroidered features and the jumbo size which makes them irresistibly huggable! Butch the Blue Steam Locomotive and Jake the Green Steam Locomotive.
12” long
Item# WT-CZSLB, item #WT-CZSLG
Rocky Mountain Bump & Go Locomotive
Children will love to watch these locomotives chug around the room clickety clacking and tooting their horns; each locomotive rolls along the floor, bumps into an obstacle, then backs up and heads in a different direction! Features include authentic locomotive horn, real working headlights and bump and go action!
Locomotive is 13"L x 4"W x 7.5"H, battery-operated
Rocky Mountain Jr. Bump & Go Locomotive
Locomotive is 8"L x 2"W x 3.5"H, battery-operated
Deluxe Classic Train Set, 40-Piece
This is a great assortment of authentic battery-powered steam and diesel locomotives hauling a variety of cargo and passenger cars. Kids and train buffs alike will love the large, sturdy size of these trains as well as the realistic lights and sounds. Also included are the top ten railroading fun facts on back of packaging! Boxed sets feature convenient reusable carry cases!
Kids can create a wide variety of layouts and configurations with this deluxe train set that contains 25 feet of track! This mega-set includes a steam locomotive with lights and sounds, a passenger car, double container cars, a tanker, a train station, pine trees, 30 sections of straight, curved and “Y” track and a cross section track piece. Great value!
Item# WT-TR40
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Classic Train Set, 20-Piece
This is a great assortment of authentic battery-powered steam and diesel locomotives hauling a variety of cargo and passenger cars. Kids and train buffs alike will love the large, sturdy size of these trains as well as the realistic lights and sounds. Also included are the top ten railroading fun facts on back of packaging!
This deluxe train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, two cargo or passenger cars, pine trees and 16 sections of straight and curved track that can be used to make numerous layouts.
6 Assorted Styles
Item# WT-TR20
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Classic Train Set, 14-Piece
This train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, a cargo or passenger car and 12 sections of curved track that connect to make a large 40” circle layout.
6 Assorted Styles, peggable
Item# WT-TR14
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Scout Series Classic Train Set, 10-Piece
These easy to use train sets combines big fun with big value and are sure to delight even the littlest engineers! These durable yet highly detailed sets are sold in an assortment of steam and diesel locomotives that haul a variety of cargo and passenger cars. Each set comes with 8 sections of track that easily click together to make a large 6-foot circle, plus the back of the package features railroad history facts for kids.
3 Assorted Styles, peggable, battery-operated
Item# WT-TR10
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Deluxe Steam Train w/ Livestock Cars & Vehicles
This super deluxe playset has many features that help little engineers do big things! Set comes with a large 9” steam locomotive, a livestock transport car, a flatbed freight car, a tractor and trailer, 14 pieces of track, two men and eight farm animals. The steam engine makes authentic train whistle sounds and can go forward or reverse; doors open on cargo cars and the large durable track pieces make a 50" x 63" oval.
1:32 scale, battery-operated, durable plastic
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Super Locomotive Pullbacks
Kids will love these large classic steam locomotives! Each 12-piece display comes with engines in assorted colors that all have pull-back action with working side rails.
Diecast metal and plastic, 12 to a tray
Item# WT-LCD
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Friction Powered Steam Locomotives
These brightly colored and adorable steam locomotives are made from diecast metal and plastic and are sized perfectly for little hands!
Diecast metal and plastic, 3” long
Item# WT-DTR
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Mini Diecast Friction Powered Locomotives
These countertop displays offer a great variety of high quality diecast metal trains with fun friction-powered action.
8 assorted styles, diecast metal, 36 to a display, 2 1/2" long
Item# WT-DLO
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Mini Diecast Train Keychains
These countertop displays of diecast metal keychains feature an assortment of four different steam locomotives and the classic little red caboose.
Locomotives and Caboose assorted, diecast metal, 72 to a display
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Li’l Chugs Wooden Trains

All aboard — the Li’l Chugs Express has arrived! These trains are constructed of real wood and have magnetic connectors on the front and back to make it fun for kids to create many different combinations. Compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets and Brio wooden train sets


Red Steam Locomotive
& Coal Tender
Blue Steam Locomotive
& Coal Tender
Item# WT-WT2PK Item# WT-WT2PKB
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Steam Locomotive Milk Freight Car
Item# WT-WTL1 Item #W-TWTF1
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Log Freight Car
Item# WT-WTF2
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Red Motorized Steam Locomotive
This high-quality battery-operated steam engine is a must-have for little engineers, and a great addition to any train set. Made of durable plastic, this engine features rear wheels with rubber tread for traction and strong magnets that allow it to pull multiple cars along, even uphill!
Battery-operated in “try-me” packaging, peggable
Item# WT-RME
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Li'l Chugs Passenger Express Train Set
Fun is waiting just down the tracks with this classic wooden Passenger Express Train! This set features a steam locomotive and coal tender with a passenger car and a classic red caboose. All pieces have magnetic couplings for connecting to other vehicles.
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Li'l Chugs Wooden Animal Train Set
Children will love this fun and colorful pull along giraffe, zebra and elephant train! This 7-piece set easily links with magnets and the animals are removable from the cargo cars.
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Wooden Figure 8 Train Set
This deluxe set features a classic wooden steam engine along with a three car train and comes with a clock tower, signs, animals and more! Kids will love the figure 8 configuration, and the trains that link with magnets, plus the open cargo car lets kids haul freight too! Great beginner set! Packaging features a convenient carry handle and a fifth panel that opens to showcase the set inside.
Item# WT-WT32
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Engine Round House w/ 4 Way Switch Track
This wooden roundhouse has enough bays for up to four engines and the 4-way switching track allows the trains to come and go. The deluxe shed allows children to increase the number of adventures and scenarios and is an excellent addition to any wooden train set.
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Musical Train Set, 12-pc
Toddlers will love to watch the driver move back and forth and the animals spin as this durable plastic train rolls along the track! The train plays 30 familiar children’s tunes and features realistic train sounds, a flashing light and animals that double as shape sorters in the carts.
Battery-operated, durable plastic, in “try-me packaging, 18M+
Item# NA-MTS1
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Musical Press ‘n Go Locomotive
Little ones will love this big sturdy locomotive with press and go action! It features three different realistic train sounds, a working headlight and plays 15 familiar children’s songs.
Battery-operated, durable plastic, in “try-me" packaging
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Musical Animal Train, Asst’d
These brightly colored trains feature dogs, ducks and cats and are a fun introduction to numbers, colors and shapes. Each train measures 5 inches long, has a flashing light and plays 10 familiar children’s songs.
Batteries included, "try-me" packaging, 3 assorted styles, 18M+
Item# NA-MAT
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