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Microscope Set 23-pc
Junior scientists will love to explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world with this high-quality microscope set! Each set includes a microscope with three-lens turret for 100x, 200x and 450x magnification, 1 prepared slide, 4 blank slides, 5 cover slips, 2 collecting vials and more! An educational experiment guide featuring a variety of easy activities is included with each set, along with an observation worksheet so children can log their findings.
Item# WT-MS
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Telescope 20x 30x 40x
Inquisitive young astronomers and adults alike will enjoy investigating the universe with this durable, easy to use telescope. Great for both stargazing and nature watching this telescope is lightweight and simple to use and is perfect for on-the-go observation. This telescope features a 30mm objective lens, three powerful high-quality 20x, 30x, 40x magnification lenses and a table top tripod. Educational astronomy and solar system guide also included.
Item# WT-TST
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Deluxe Microscope Set 48-pc
This easy to use telescope makes it fun for kids to spot birds and bugs up close. Includes break-away safety neck strap and adjustable focus.
10 1/2” microscope
Item# EA-MSD
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