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Giant Chalk Pencil
Kids will love to create sidewalk art with our Giant Chalk Pencil – then when they’re done they can erase their marks with the working eraser! Set comes with three colorful pieces of chalk and a chalk sharpener that all store neatly inside the pencil.
12" long, peggable
Item# LA-GCP
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Bubble Muncher
Kids will love to make this friendly insect gobble up bubbles big and small! The Bubble Muncher features four separate wands to create tons bubbles while the easy to use trigger opens and closes the Bubble Muncher mouth.
Item# LA-BBM
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Pocket Bubbler
The Pocket Bubbler features four bubble wands in one! Kids can create loads of bubbles in many different sizes with this fun bubble gadget!
Item# LA-BPB
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Paper Recycling Workshop
Kids learn how paper is recycled with this deluxe paper making workshop. This easy-to-use set includes molds to make fun shapes or kids can use their creativity by making their own unique designs. This deluxe kit turns recycling into a fun activity for kids and features an educational and informative booklet that teaches children why the concept of recycling is important for our environment.
Item# WT-PRW
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Great for camping trips and wilderness expeditions, children will enjoy exploring the great outdoors with these durable binoculars! These lightweight, soft-grip binoculars make distant objects 4x larger, feature a convenient neck strap and come in assorted colors blue, green and purple.
3 assorted colors, 4x magnification
Item# WT-BIN
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Deluxe Magnifier with Compass
Discover an amazing miniature world with this deluxe magnifier! Includes compass for navigating. Props up on built-in stand for hands-free specimen study. Magnifies up to 14X!
2X, 4X, 10X, 14X magnification
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Alien Spy Voice Messenger
Record your very own message that plays back when motion is detected! Our Alien Spy Voice Messenger is a blast, with three bendable legs and suction cup feet. Kids can use it anywhere!
  • Records messages up to 10 seconds long
  • Motion detector actives message
  • Customized message alerts to approaching intruders
  • Use Anywhere
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    Item# WT-BSAS
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    Pocket Spy Mini Listening Device
    Junior spies everywhere will love the Pocket Spy Mini Listening Device! Amplifies sounds up to 25’ away and discreetly clips to belt or shirt pocket so kids can listen in on distant conversations without anyone knowing!
    Batteries included, peggable
    Item# WT-BSLD
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    Hoppin’ Frogs Game
    Race to be the first one to get all your frogs into the bucket! Kids can use the bucket as a target to flip their frogs into or they can just have the frogs race each other as they let their fingers do the flipping! Game comes with 12 frogs in four colors and a reusable bucket for easy cleanup and storage.
    Durable plastic, for 1-4 players
    Item# WT-JFG
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    Marble Run Playset 55-pc
    Our Marble Run playsets can be built and rebuilt to make many challenging mazes for marbles. Children will love using their problem-solving skills to create different paths and labyrinths.
    Durable plastic, 10 colorful marbles included
    Item# MO-MR55
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    Marble Run Playset 28-pc
    Durable plastic, 6 colorful marbles included
    Item# MO-MR28
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    The only limits are a child’s imagination with Builderific. Build just about anything, including vehicles, aircraft, buildings.
    78 pieces, durable plastic
    Item# MO-BLDS
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    Builderific 118-pc Set
    118 pieces, durable plastic
    Item# MO-BLD
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    Builderific with 4-pc Power Tool Set
    118 piece Builderific with 4-pc toolset including power drill.
    118 pieces, durable plastic
    Item# MO-BLDT
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