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Slam Shot Rocket
Kids will love to stomp on the launch pad and shoot these safe foam rockets sky high! Launcher is a snap to put together and can be angled in various directions; set comes with 3 rockets that shoot up to 70 feet!
Item# LA-SSR
Mini Wild Ripcord Launch Plane & Helicopters
This is a great assortment of lightweight, miniature helicopters and airplanes that instantly soar sky high when launched.
2 assorted styles, peggable
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Prop Shots Action Plane & Helicopter
Kids can easily propel these aircraft into action with the ripcord launcher and then watch them soar up to 30 feet! Assorted between helicopters and airplanes, these sturdy toys have plastic bodies and are made for hours of fun!
3 assorted styles, peggable
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Giant Trail Blazer Rocket
This big 16-inch long rocket is super lightweight, easy to fly and features a screaming whistle and realistic looking fabric flames when in flight. It comes in assorted colors and flies up to 40 feet when launched!
Assorted colors, peggable
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Giant Foam Whistling Rocket
This large 28 rocket is made of safe, soft foam, soars up to 35 feet and whistles in flight! Sold in a convenient, eye-catching floor display.
24-pc floor display
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Prop Shots Whistling Rockets
Kids will have double the fun with this two-pack of sling shot action rockets that whistle up and whistle down while flying! Each rocket has a soft and safe foam body and fly up to 40 feet.
Assorted colors, peggable
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Prop Shots Screamers Sling Shot Airplane
These sling shot action jets have soft, safe and durable foam bodies and fly up to 60 feet. They come in assorted colors and whistle when in flight!
Assorted colors, peggable
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Cloud Buster Sling Shot Airplanes
These colorful futuristic looking airplanes are made from safe, soft foam and can soar up to 40 feet using the sling shot launcher!
Assorted colors, peggable
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Deluxe H20 Rocket Set
These water propelled rockets are great hands-on toys that are both fun and educational! These toys introduce kids to the principles of rocketry as they learn how air and water pressure work together to make their rocket fly.!
3-pc set
Item# LA-H201BX
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H20 Rocket Set
Item# LA-H201
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