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E-Z Build 3D Puzzle Kits > Airplanes
These new museum-quality 3D Puzzles are both challenging and educational and come in a variety of highly-detailed styles. Each puzzle features durable plastic pieces that precisely interlock together, creating stunning and sturdy replicas that can be played with or displayed. No glue or is paint required and each puzzle also features educational information on the back of the package.
SR-71 Blackbird
Item# EZ-PSR71
SR-71 Blackbird Puzzle
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F/A-18 Hornet Blue Angels
Item# EZ-PF18
F18 Blue Angel Puzzle
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AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Item# EZ-PAH64
Apache Puzzle
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P-51 Mustang
Item# EZ-PP51
P51 Mustang Puzzle
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F4U Corsair
Item# EZ-PF4U
F4U Corsair Puzzle
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