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Jumbo Diecast Pullbacks
These large diecast metal and plastic pullbacks are sure to please both children and adults alike! Great value!
6-pc Display Tray
  AH-64 Apache B-2 Spirit
  8" long Includes lights and sounds, 10" wingspan
  Item# IN-TAH64 Item# IN-TB2
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  Blackhawk Helicopter E-2C Hawkeye
  Includes lights and sounds, 9" long 7" long
  Item# IN-TBHH Item# IN-TE2
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  F-14 Tomcat F-14 Tomcat
  Includes lights and sounds, 6" long 9" long
  Item# IN-TF14M Item# IN-TF14
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  F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds F-18 Hornet Blue Angels
  8" long 9" long
  Item# IN-TF16T Item# IN-TF18
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  F-22 Raptor P-38 Lightning
  8" long 7" long
  Item# IN-TF22 Item# IN-TP38
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  SR-71 Blackbird
  8" long
  Item# IN-TSR71
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Diecast Pullback Assortments
P-51 Mustang & P-47 Thunderbolt Assortment
8" long, 6-pc display tray
Item# IN-T5147
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Stealth Fighters Assortment
Assorted styles, 12-pc display tray, 5" long
Item# IN-TST
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Sonic Biplane Pullbacks
This collection of vintage style biplane pullbacks are adorned in fun and whimsical paint schemes and feature lights, two different sound buttons and propellers that spin as they zoom forward!
12-pc display tray, 4" long
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Air Whale Pullback Helicopters
Children will love these brightly colored diecast metal helicopters that feature propellers that spin as they zoom forward and cockpit windows that open.
12-pc display tray, 4" long
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Show Flight Biplane Pullbacks
12-pc display tray, 6" long
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Classic Wing Pullbacks
6-pc display tray, 6" long
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Jumbo Space Shuttle Pullbacks
Children will love these large, sturdy, diecast metal replicas of the historic Space Shuttle Orbiters. Each orbiter is 8 inches long and features pullback action and has realistic opening payload doors. Authentic markings.
6-pc display tray, 8" long
Item# IN-TSSA Space Shuttle Atlantis
Item# IN-TSSD Space Shuttle Discovery
Item# IN-TSSE Space Shuttle Endeavour
Item# IN-TSSEP Space Shuttle Enterprise
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Mini Diecast Pullbacks
Add more profits to your bottom line with our fish bowl displays of high quality diecast metal pullbacks! Put a few next to your register and watch them fly out the door!
  Chubby Airplane Pullbacks Chubby Helicopter Pullbacks
  12 assorted styles, diecast metal, 48 to a display, 2.5" long 4 assorted styles, diecast metal, 48 to a display, 2.5" long
  Item# WT-DMP Item# WT-DCGH
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