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Our new Legends of Flight™ collection features famous and historically significant aircraft from World War II to today. All models come with display stands and educational collector’s cards that provide facts and statistics about each aircraft. Made of rugged diecast metal, these sturdy models are designed for hours of imaginative play, yet authentic enough adults will want to add them to their collection.
Each model is approximately 7" long
A-10A Thunderbolt II® AH-64 Apache®
Item# IN-LB10 Item# IN-LB64
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B-17 Flying Fortress® B-17 Flying Fortress®, Green
Item# IN-LB17 Item# IN-LB17G
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B-24® Liberator® B-29 Superfortress® Enola Gay
Item# IN-LB24 Item# IN-LB29
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C-130 Hercules® C-130 Hercules® U.S.C.G.
Item# IN-LB130 Item# IN-LB130CG
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C-47 Skytrain F-4 Phantom®
Item# IN-LBC47 Item# IN-LB4
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F4U Corsair® F-14 Tomcat®
Item# IN-LB4U Item# IN-LB14
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F-15 Eagle® F-16 Fighting Falcon® Thunderbirds
Item# IN-LB15 Item# IN-LB16
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F/A-18 Hornet™ Blue Angels F-22 Raptor®
Item# IN-LB18 Item# IN-LB22
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F-35® Lightning II® P-38 Lightning®
Item# IN-LB35 Item# IN-LB38
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P-47 Thunderbolt® P-51 Mustang® Tuskegee Airmen
Item# IN-LB47 Item# IN-LB51
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SR-71® Blackbird®
Item# IN-LB71
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